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Visiting Lancaster, PA & Congregation Degel Israel 

Daily Services As of 5/02/22

Prayer services during the week are held in the beis midrash down the stairs and to the right if entering from the rear of the building. If using the front entrance, follow the hallway to the stairway in the rear of the building. The beis midrash is through the first door on the right. The schedule is as follows. If needed, it may be possible to arrange more than one minyan. 


Daily Minyan Schedule 

Shacharis/Morning Prayers - 7:45 AM

Mincha/Afternoon Prayers - 3:15 PM

Ma'ariv /Evening Prayers - 10:00 PM

Click here to check for shkiah times

Erev Shabbos and Shabbos

Friday Shacharis - 8:30 AM

Erev Shabbos Mincha- 15 minutes before shkiah (round to the nearest 5)

Shabbos Shacharis - 9:00 AM

Shabbos Mincha - 25 minutes before shkiah (round to the nearest 5)

Motzei Shabbos Maariv - 50 minutes after shkiah



The Mikvah is located in the lower level of the building behind Degel Israel Synagogue.  

1120 Columbia Avenue

Lancaster, PA 17603

Please note that women who wish to use the mikvah must make an appointment. Arrangement can be made by calling (717) 397-0183 (Ext. 7). A confidential message can be left at that number. 

The mikvah is open to men from 6am - 11am. On Erev Shabbos and Yom Tov, the mikvah is open to men until one hour before shkiah. 

Anyone wishing to toivel keilim at any other time should contact Rabbi Abba Leeder at (717) 471-5765.


It is advisable that anyone wishing to use the mikvah do as much preparation as possible in their home or hotel room. 





There are many hotels in Lancaster.  The following hotels are the closest to the shul, about 1.5 miles away. None of these hotels are inside the Eruv.

  • Lancaster Arts Hotel, 300 Harrisburg Ave., Lancaster, (717) 584-9786

  • Holiday Inn Lancaster, 26 E. Chestnut Street, Lancaster, (717) 394-0900

  • Travelodge by Wyndham, 2101 Columbia Ave., Lancaster,  (717) 397-4201

  • Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, 5 South Queen St., Lancaster, (717) 239-600


There are guest suites available approximately one mile from the shul at the local Chabad guest house. The guest house is not inside the Eruv.



The snack shop on shul the premises has a limited number of items for sale including packaged food items and dairy items including Chalav Yisroel milk, yogurt, and ice cream. Kosher meat and chicken options can be found at:


  • Weiss Markets, 1700A Fruitville Pike, Lancaster

  • Wegman’s, 2000 Crossings Blvd, Lancaster (off Harrisburg Pike)


Chalav Yisroel (Kreider Farms) milk is available at:


  • Giant Food Store (at Stone Mill Plaza), 1360 Columbia Ave., Lancaster

  • Weiss Markets (Kendig Square) 2600 Willow Street Pike, Willow St, PA

For questions about the kosher food available at the snack shop at Degel, contact Abba Leeder - (717) 471-5765



Further questions can be directed to

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