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Join Degel Israel for a traditional Orthodox service any day of the week, and all holidays.


Prayer services during the week are held in the Bais Medrash down the stairs and to the right, if entering from the rear of the building. If using the front entrance, follow the hallway to the stairway at the rear of the building. The Bais Medrash is through the first door on the right. The schedule is as follows. If needed, it may be possible to arrange more than one minyan. 

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Shachris: 7:45 AM

Mincha:  3:15 

Maariv:  8:00


Shachris: 8:30 AM 

Erev Shabbos Mincha:

15 minutes before shkiah

(round to nearest 5)

Shabbos Services:

Shachris: 9:00 AM

Mincha: 25 minutes before shkiah (round to nearest  5)

Maariv: 50 minutes after shkiah

Click here to check for shkia times

Additional minyanim available based on interest/request

Last updated 1.24.2023

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